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Gateway The Perfect Arrow
Building The Perfect Arrow is a step by step guide on choosing the correct size, shape and wing of feather, arrow shaft material. Byron Ferguson, Master of the Longbow teaches you bare shaft tuning techniques and Chance Beaubouef, Vegas Indoor Champion, shows you all about paper tuning and how he builds a target arrow. Also included are ‘how to's’ on applying waterproofing powder, feather a..
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Gateway Ferguson W.O.A Vol. 1 Become The Arrow
Byron Ferguson's World of Adventure Series Volume #1 - "Become The Arrow" - Byron shares his philosophy and techniques for hitting the bullseye or cleanly striking game in the vitals. When you become the arrow, you extend your mental approach to accurate shooting. Byron has developed his system through research, experimentation, refinement, practice, and shares it now. Includes exciting hunting..
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Gateway Ferguson W.O.A Vol. 2 Incredible Shots
Byron Ferguson's World of Adventure Series Volume #2 - "Incredible Shots" - Byron performs shots that are simply unbelievable, from shooting aspirins out of the air to splitting playing cards, deflections off multiple boards, long range shots, shooting the caps off coke bottles. The list goes on and on. Approximately 56 minutes. Englische Version ..
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