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Axcel Scope Curve RX Sjef Signature
Shortened tube length for increased accuracy. Bright sight pin due to long, wrapped fibre. Rheostat cover for adjustable pin brightness. Selection of configurations available. Range of inserts included to adjust your view.   Technical specifications: Material:  Aluminium Aperture size: ..
73,00€ *
Axcel Fire Ring Pin Curve
Ring pin for Axcel Curve CX and RX scopes. Key features: Perfect fibre positioning every time. Swap out your dot and pin with ease. .19 or .29 fibre available. ..
26,00€ *
Axcel AccuView 3D Ultimate Plus Scope
T connection included, specifically for use with Axcel branded sights giving a stronger, and easier to level connection. Bubble level, rheostat cover, torque indicator and sunshield included 0.019 RED fibre optic, lens retainer and spacers included. RH or LH use possible from same scope. Co-Planar Technology for greater accuracy. Wide range of qu..
149,00€ *
Axcel Tab Contour Brady Ellison Signature Series
High performance recurve tab designed in association with Brady Ellison. Aluminium palm plate incorporates "contour" grooves for a consistent and ergonomic fit. Adjustable palm plate extension for the best fit in your hand. Shelf/ thumb rest can be set in a wide range of positions. Three layers of face material for optimal performance - cordovan, rubber and sued..
67,00€ *