Micro-adjust click and fire: A dual moon system allows you to micro-adjust the timing of both your click and fire moons.
Deadly quiet magnetic head retention: A small magnet holds the head back from freely flopping around, making it whisper quiet in the woods and always at the ready.
Designed for comfort and consistency: The most comfortable and consistent release you will ever shoot. Deliberate, ergonomic finger beds that fit your hand perfectly.
With The Hinge 2, Ultraview started the design by first looking at the human hand. How the release fits the hand is extremely important, your hand is what provides input to the release. Measuring hundreds of hands and researched how they work, all the way down to the bone and muscle structure. The Hinge 2  release is truly one of the most comfortable releases you’ll ever shoot!

Ultraview The Hinge 2 Release Anodized Aluminium

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