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Power Stroke 13.5 inch
Bolt Length 16 inch
Length 26.5 inch
Mass Weight 3402 gram
Factory Speed 440 fps
Width (Cocked/ Uncocked) 7.5 / 12.3 inch
Colour True Veil Alpine

The Xero X1i crossbow scope with built-in laser range finder is the first of its kind. With a single button press, the digital scope automatically measures distance to a target and provides precise illuminated aim points that adjust to outside lighting.
Elevated Custom Cheek piece. Provides perfect eye level alignment with Xero X1i Scope.
Intergrated range touchpad placed a your trigger hand. Generates extact range and aiming point with on touch.
Automatically range game up to 250 yards away with the press of a single button
Precise illuminated aim points automatically adjust for both distance and brightness allowing you to see your target, unobstructed by reticle patterns
Forget the days of “gap shooting” with multiple aim points. With the Xero X1i scope you simply range, lock, and use the single aiming point provided by the Xero X1i.
Custom arrow profiles for programming multiple arrow configurations.
3.5X magnification | Multi-Color Display
Integrated Mount | 1 Year Battery Life
Micro trac barrel reducing string-to-rail contact by 50%. This reduction leads to increased accuracy and provides string life in excess of 1.000 shots.
External Micro-Adjustable Target Turrets – Easy adjustment to windage and elevation for un-matched long-range accuracy.
Acuslide cocking and de-cocking system, provides silent cocking and safe de-cocking.
S1 Trigger. 2-stage, zero-creep design features a roller sear system that sets a new standard in high-performance crossbow accuracy.

TenPoint Crossbow Compound Havoc RS440 Xero

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