• Bohning Vanes Griffin 2"

Archers asked and Bohning delivered! Compound archers testing out the 1″ Griffin Vane saw potential advantages in a 2″ version.

The big advantage of the 2″ Griffin Vane over other compound vanes is that it rotates the arrow more, which of course corrects any imperfections in the arrow that would otherwise prevent it from flying straight.
Twisted ribbon design for compound bows
The most innovative vane since the Blazer Vane!
Designed to set you apart from the crowd
Built in Helical - Allows for straight fletching
Provides superior rotation of the arrow
Durable injection molded vane
Straight base makes fletching easy
Includes clamp adapter for Pro Class style jigs
All Bohning Vanes are pre-primed. No vane prep needed.

The 2″ Griffin performs best in shooting scenarios with minimal crosswinds.

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Bohning Vanes Griffin 2"

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