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Gray Archery Aix Mittelteil

Hersteller Gray Archery
Artikelnummer 11490
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  • Key features:

    • Packed with innovative features not seen in any riser before.
    • Range of customisation features and accessories make it an ideal choice for Olympic recurve - but also barebow shooting.
    • Innovative shaped riser gives reduced horizontal nock travel.  
    • Simple to use limb alignment system for easy tuning and excellent, reduced stress, limb fit.
    • Adjustable stiffness with removable damping bridge for vibration reduction (see related items below - not included).
    • Weight mounting points in 10 different places for maximum balance options while maintaining a sleek look.
    • Popular 25" riser length.

    Technical specifications:

    Limb Fitting: ILF
    Material: Aluminium
    Length Options:  25"
    Weight: 1206g (1289g with optional damp bridge)
    Handedness: RH or LH
    Finish:  Hard Coated Anodized. Grey only.