• Fairweather Tab Plates Set
  • Component part for highly customisable Fairweather finger tab.
  • High performance finger tab, popular with international Olympic archers.
  • Tab made for performance and comfort.
  • Plates made from lightweight urethane plastic.
  • Three sizes available for the best fit.
  • Plates set includes 3x kangaroo leather facing/ backing material in the appropriate size.
  • All plate sizes are compatible with all leather sizes for extra customisation. Alternative sizes of leather can be purchased separately. See related items below.
  • This product code is plate and facing material only. Further parts required to build complete tab. See related items for other components.

Technical specifications:

Sizing   Chart
Size Plate Height
Small 60mm
Medium  64mm
Large 68mm


Fairweather Tab Plates Set

  • Hersteller Fairweather
  • Artikelnr. 50030
  • Lieferzeit ca 3-5 Werktage
  • 44,00€
  • 35,00€*

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