• Wicked Ridge Crossbow Invader 400


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Power Stroke 13.5 inch
Kinetic Energy 140 ft-lbs
Width (Cocked/ Uncocked) 15/19 inch
Poundage 158 lbs
Width 19 inch
Bolt Length 20 inch
Mass Weight 2722 gram
Length 35.5 inch
Factory Speed 400 fps
Colour True Peak Camo
Included Accessories TenPoint’s Lighted 3x Pro-View Scope, ACUdraw, 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver and Three Wicked Ridge XX75 aluminum arrows with practice points

The Wicked Ridge Invader is an incredible 40 feet-per-second faster than its predecessor
It features an ultra-lite stock with built-in cocking device for effortless and accurate cocking
At just 15-inches wide and 35 ½ long, is designed for the ultimate in handling and maneuverability in tight spaces
Fully integrated foregrip is backed up with long gated Safety wings, to help keep the shooters hands safe during the shot
Fully enclosed trigger guard provides extra safety
Pre-sighted at 18 meters
Easy 1-bolt Assembly
Ready-to-Hunt Package
Incredible performance for value ratio
Perfect for the beginning and intermediate crossbow archer

Wicked Ridge Crossbow Invader 400

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