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Power Stroke 15.5, 15.5 inch
Bolt Length 22 inch
Mass Weight 3583 gram
Factory Speed 420 fps
Colour True Mossy Oak Elements Terra Gila
Included Accessories Three 22” HyperFlite™ Arrows, Premium 1.5-5x32 Illuminated, Speed Compensating Scope, Premium Side-Mount Quiver, Lubrication Wax, Rope Cocking Device

A newly designed and ultra-compact riser assembly paired with the tactical-style adjustable butt stock renders this bow unbelievably maneuverable in tight spaces.
The bow amplifies Barnett’s Hyper™ series crossbow lineup and shoots the small-diameter, extreme penetrating HyperFlite™ .204 diameter arrows.
Mossy Oak Elements Terra Gila® conceals the bow in any terrain.
The included TriggerTech trigger increases accuracy and precision with a crisp, three-pound zero creep trigger.
The package comes complete with a lightweight side-mounted quiver, rope cocking device, HyperFlite arrows and only needs a single bolt to assemble.
Featuring the Frictionless Release Technology™ which creates a free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger – offering a smoother, lighter trigger.
Nock sensors and anti-dry fire gives peace to the mind for double the safety.
Three-pound, zero-creep release gives you confidence to make the shot

Barnett Crossbow Hypertac 420

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