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Power Stroke 13 inch
Bolt Length 20 inch
Mass Weight 3,538 gram
Length 31.75 inch
Factory Speed 400 fps
Width (Cocked/ Uncocked) 6/10,5 inch
Included Accessories Cranking Device, Two 20-inch CP400 Select Arrows, 3x32 Illuminated Scope, Parallel Quiver, Rope Cocker and Rail Lube
Colour True True Timber Strata Camo
400 foot-per-second speed and 142 foot-pounds of energy power.
Shoot with buck-stopping power, speed, and accuracy.
10.5” wide un-cocked or just 6” ready to fire.
Play this one close to the chest with its slim profile.
HeliCoil™ technology.
Revolutionary tech allows for perfectly balanced rotating cams, resulting in an incredibly compact bow with rifle-like downrange accuracy.
Silent Crank
Easy on/off quiet cranking device reduces cocking effort by up to 80%.
Complete accessory package: 3x32mm illuminated and calibrated scope,two 20” 400-grain CP400 Select Arrows, detachable quiver, rope cocker.
Dual-purpose folding stirrup and bi-pod.
Anti-dry fire and auto safety.
5-year limited warranty.
True Timber Strata Camo.

Centerpoint Crossbow CP 400 TM with Silent Crank

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