• Mathews Compound Bow Title 36 Black Limbs 2024
Axle to Axle: 36”
IBO speed: 333fps
Brace height: 6.5”
Net weight: 4.49lbs
Draw length: 25-30.5”
Draw weight: 50, 60lbs
Let off: 70%, 75% or 80% (modules sold separately)
Switchweight™Cam: Programmed to deliver maximum efficiency and an ultra-smooth draw cycle, the new SWT Cam offers a solid, locked-in feel at full draw which results in unrivaled repeatability on the range. Built compatible with Mathews revolutionary Switchweight® Mods which are specifically optimized at each draw length, draw weight and let-off to maximize performance for every archer.
Anchor™Weight System: Optimizes the center of gravity of the TITLE by focusing the weight of the bow below the grip. Made from eight ounces of solid brass, the removable Anchor™ Weight provides a more balanced and stable hold to deliver an enhanced post-shot feel.
Years of research and collaboration with the world’s best archers allowed Mathews to bring meaningful innovation to the riser design, limbs, cams, bars and new strings and cables. Every technology and detail in the TITLE is aimed at making the most stable, most repeatable, and most accurate bow Mathews has ever designed.

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Mathews Compound Bow Title 36 Black Limbs 2024

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