• Axcel Sight Achieve XP Pro UHM Diamond Weave Carbon Bar Compound 9"
Dual Bridge Bow Mount Bracket: CNC-machined for less weight and an even stronger mount thanks to the Dual Bridge Technology and Wedge Lock! You’ll never have to worry about how rock solid the connection to your bow is every time you get ready to shoot!
Diamond Weave UHM Carbon Bar: Axel re-designed the weave pattern of their Ultra High Modulus carbon bar to reduce twisting by 50% for Less Shock and Even Less Vibration!
Micro-Adjustable First Axis: Simply loosen the lock screws and turn the adjustment screw in to rotate the first axis in one direction and back it out to rotate the other direction.
The Elevation and Windage Gib Travel Systems feature Internal Moving Parts that squelch vibrations and protect the guide surfaces from dents or scratches.
Stronger, Lighter and More Accurate Removable Block System! The Achieve XP Pro features a more compact 2nd/3rd Axis scope block for significant weight reduction. It’s the first time Axcel touched this part of the sight since the original Achieve was introduced and this change alone reduces 1 ounce of weight!

Quite possibly the most exciting feature of this new sight is a built-in micro adjustable yardage pointer with metal sight tapes! Just turn a thumb knob and lock down the pointer for pinpoint accuracy each day you compete!

Axcel Sight Achieve XP Pro UHM Diamond Weave Carbon Bar Compound 9"

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